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FDX Quickstart

Quickly see all the FDX actors in action and also understand Cloudentity capabilities and the customer journey in FDX.

FDX Quickstart

Cloudentity has created a reference Open Banking Quickstart GitHub project that helps to understand different FDX actors and workflows and how all these are integrated with the Cloudentity platform. Cloudentity Open Banking Quickstart is built to showcase multiple open data initiatives across the world and FDX is one of such initiatives riding on top of FAPI standards for secure API interaction with consumer consent.

The quickstart allows you to either quickly spin up a local dockerized version of Cloudentity platform or connect to a SaaS tenant. You may choose and proceed with one of the option for quick verification of the platform capabilities.

Launch Quickstart from SaaS tenant

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Cloudentity has made it simpler for you to launch the quickstart with instructions directly available in your SaaS tenant. Create a new FDX workspace and click the Try the Demo button.

FDX Demo

Once the workspace is created, you can go to the Quickstart tab inside the workspace.

FDX quickstart

This will provide instructions how to run the components that is used to create the end to end FDX experience of a fintech application, a financial institution, end user consent, and data API access.

In case you want a refresher of how an FDX sample flow would look like, take a look at this infographic

FDX user consent journey

Watch this video to see the entire demonstration of this quickstart application

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Git clone the Cloudentity repo with Open Banking Quickstart artifacts. There is a README within the project to quickly set up the required pre-requisites.

git clone

This repo has source code for the fictional fintech app, bank, consent application, and other parties involved in the flow.

Updated: Apr 14, 2023