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Getting Business Audit Data Using Cloudentity's Audit Events

Learn how to get business audit data with Cloudentity's audit events such as, for example, login events, MFA events, token mints, and more.

Get Business Audit Data

  1. In workspace, navigate to Logs.

    Audit Events View

  2. Filter events by payload or date range.

  3. Enable Live to see audit events happening in real time. If not enabled, new audit events appear after a page refresh.

  4. Use admin list audit events API to request filtered/unfiltered audit events list in a JSON format for a given workspace.

Audit Events for Authorizers

The gateway_request_authorized and the gateway_request_unauthorized are the only two audit events that come outside of Cloudentity. When an authorizer is set up to protect a certain API and the request to this API is authorized or denied, the authorizer notifies Cloudentity about the event so that it can be stored and auditable. Note that not all of the requests are auditable by Cloudentity. When a request, for example, contains a large payload, Cloudentity may not be notified by the authorizer.

For multitenant authorizers, even though the APIs are visible within all of the workspaces, audit events are only accessible within the System workspace where the authorizer is integrated.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023