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Restricting Access to Client Applications

Instructions on how to assign policies to the application


Administrator privileges in Cloudentity (only administrators can assign the policy to the client).

Assign Policies

  1. In the workspace, select Applications > Clients from the sidebar.

  2. In the Applications view, select an application that you want to restrict access to from your list of the applications.

  3. In the application view, make sure you enter the Overview tab and go to the Governance section for the User policy selector.


    The policy that you select is validated before issuing a token for the authorization code/implicit grant flow. If the policy fails, the token is not issued and the user who tries to access the application is not allowed.

  4. Expand the User policy box and select a policy that you want to use to restrict access to your application.

  5. Select SAVE CHANGES.


    The access to your application is now protected with the policies that you assigned for that purpose.

Updated: Jul 11, 2022