Comprehensive Reporting and Insight of your APIs. Powered by Machine Learning.


APIs are the lifeblood of modern web applications. They’re crucial elements of any digital transformation as the provide the sinew that allows data to flow freely between internal development teams and external customers with agility and speed. But, their usage comes with a tradeoff, as their complexity can lead to security, risk, and privacy nightmares without proper oversight.

APIs Integral to Modern Applications

We’re pleased to announce ML-based reporting within the Authorization Control Plane (ACP), providing a complete and comprehensive view into an organizations APIs, PII transactions, and clients. We’ve created a standards-based layer for normalizing API-based Identity, Authentication and Authorization to smooth the pathway between developers, customers and third party integrations.

Authorization Control Plane (ACP) Dashboard 

With Cloudentity's Authorization Control Plane (ACP)  you're able to:

  • Provide a normalized approach to coarse and fine-grained Authorization and Authorization as Code
  • Discover PII Data usage and traceability across internal and external systems.
  • Monitor usage at the service endpoint and manage clients across existing API Gateways.
  • Provide data privacy and enforcement of customer consent preferences at the API endpoint.
  • Be alerted of anomalies, powered by our ML-based alerting services

Deployable across hybrid-cloud environments while supporting existing API infrastructures, Cloudentity’s ACP provides visibility, protection, and enforcement of data and authorization policies, granting you oversight and control over your APIs.

Reduce the complexity and security risk of your digital transformation by visualizing and protecting each of your APIs.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Request access to the beta by reaching out to us on our contact page.