Cloudentity for Open Banking

Open Banking and Embedded Finance is Transforming the Digital Economy

Open Banking and Embedded Finance initiatives are off to the races and expected to gain even more velocity in the months ahead, with an eye on enhancing the user experience while sharing critical financial information. Banks and financial service providers who can offer this holistic digital engagement—with security, ease, and speed--will be in a premier position to meet the expectations of a modern customer base.

Learn how to fully tap the capabilities of Open Banking and earn the trust of customers and partners. All modern financial transactions require complex arrays of distributed APIs, making uncompromising data security an imperative as it flows between users, applications, and services. The good news is that you can leverage your existing banking investments with seamless integrations to leading API gateways, IdPs, and Fraud Detection Systems.

In addition to mitigating cyber-attacks and data privacy risks, Cloudentity accelerates your digital business by modernizing legacy apps and increasing developer velocity. See how you can enable your APIs to be Open Banking certified in 4 simple steps!