Platform Solution Brief

Cloud-Scale Identity and Authorization for Modern Applications

Learn how to mitigate risk while advancing your digital transformation initiatives, by orchestrating a modern approach to application security. Cloudentity’s powerful platform delivers declarative Identity, Authorization and Consent for modern applications as code, allowing you to decouple Authentication from Authorization. You can increase development velocity by up to 50 percent while mitigating privacy, API security, and compliance risks.

Today, it’s an imperative that organizations ensure Zero Trust access and data protection to build consumer/partner trust and brand loyalty. This requires fine-grained authentication policies applied across your distributed infrastructure for internal and external-facing APIs.

Available via SaaS or software, Cloudentity’s modern application authorization platform offers the industry’s most scalable way to streamline the onboarding of users, apps and APIs into the Identity and Authorization ecosystem. Developers can easily manage fine-grained policy as code, orchestrate provisioning, assure privacy consent, and achieve real-time enforcement—all at hyperscale.