Scaling App, Service, and API Authorization Governance

Scaling App, Service, and API Authorization Governance

Connecting resources and sharing data serve as the foundation for digital transformation. It is almost all done via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) - introducing massive scale, security, data privacy and compliance exposure.

This technical webinar examines the business and architectural aspects of how to scale application, services and API authorization, and privacy governance.

Join Nathanael Coffing, Cloudentity’s Founder and Chief Strategist, as he explores these topics:

  • Current authorization challenges
  • Why to externalize authorization policy management and controls
  • Declarative authorization: what, how, and where for legacy and k8s
  • Consent-based authorization: privacy consent as a self-service
  • Automating API / service visibility and on-boarding
  • Fine-grained authorization policy and transactional enforcement
  • Governance and reporting of APIs, identity, and authorization