Authorization Basics

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OAuth Authorization Server

Learn about OAuth authorization servers to provide a secure way for client applications to access protected resources.

What OAuth Authorization Server Is

An OAuth authorization server is a server that provides a secure way for a client application to access resources owned by a user. The core features of an OAuth authorization server include the ability to authenticate users and grant clients access to user-owned resources. OAuth is commonly used to enable users to grant access to their accounts on one service to another service, without sharing their passwords. This allows users to securely share their data and resources without having to manage multiple sets of credentials. An OAuth authorization server is necessary to enable this type of secure access and data sharing.

Get Free OAuth Authorization Servers

Cloudentity comes with multi-tenant authorization server as a service.

Why You Need to Set Up OAuth Authorization Server

Businesses need authorization servers to enable secure access to their services and resources. An authorization server acts as a central hub that manages authentication and access control for client applications. This allows businesses to control which clients have access to their resources, and under what conditions.

Authorization servers provide a number of benefits for businesses. By centralizing authentication and access control, businesses can simplify their security infrastructure and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Additionally, because authorization servers are designed to support multiple client applications and multiple users, they enable businesses to easily scale their services and support a large number of users. This can help businesses to grow and expand their services without incurring additional security overhead. Overall, authorization servers provide a secure, scalable, and flexible way for businesses to manage access to their resources.

Updated: Sep 8, 2023