Authorization Basics

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Cloudentity OAuth Consents

OAuth consent screens are used to inform the user who's requesting access to their resources and allow them to either accept or deny the authorization.

Granting Consents

With Cloudentity you can allow a third-party application to access your data by granting the application a relevant consent.

The consent window gets displayed after logging in to the Cloudentity user portal. The consent request includes the following:

  • Applications requesting the access,

  • Security standards applied, for example, OAuth or OIDC,

  • Scopes of your data that the application requests.

Managing Consents

The consent window includes check box(es) next to data scopes to be shared (or not) with the application. After checking selected box(es) and confirming your choice, you are taken to the user portal, which opens with a list of applications that you share your data with. The application list is expandable: selecting an application from the list, you can open a detailed view. It includes data scopes shared and the Revoke button, which is for removing your consent.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023