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Get OAuth, Consents, and API Security for Open Finance

Make the important steps to comply with Open Finance directives. Don't wait, it's never too soon to start!

1. Create a Free Tenant

Register for a free Cloudentity platform tenant and start exploring our platform!

2. Create Workspace For Open Finance

Choose one of the preconfigured workspace profiles that comply with the Open Finance initiative of your choice, and start using the built-in authorization server right away.

You will get access to consent APIs right away! Additionally, the authorization server complies with a given Open Finance initiative’s API security profile and satisfies ALL customer journeys!

3. Test Different Customer Consent Flows with Open Finance Sandbox

The Open Banking Quickstart project simulates an Open Banking ecosystem that consists of data recipient’s fintech application (Financroo) and financial institution (Go Bank). Go Bank exposes OB Data APIs and utilizes Cloudentity for user consent and authorization to enable access to APIs to fintech applications. The quickstart lets emulate read and read-write Open Banking scenarios that show how Cloudentity supports these flows. In particular, it lets understand the concept of sample consent application that renders custom fine-grained consent page that becomes part of the OAuth flow.

Sounds interesting? Navigate to the Quickstart tab in your Open Finance workspace.

4. Build Your Own Consent Page Using Cloudentity Open Finance APIs

Build consent pages and consent self-service portals to enable your customers to share their data in a safe and secure manner!

Additionally, you can enable your administrators to manage customers' consents by building a consent administrator portal.

All of that, with the use of Cloudentity Open Finance Consent APIs.

5. Enable Consent Page Within Cloudentity Platform

Configure the Cloudentity platform to use the consent page you built to gather customer consents.

Updated: May 15, 2023