Deployment and Operations

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Cloudentity Platform Commandline Reference

Check the latest versions of commandline reference the Cloudentity platform supports.

Base commands

  authorization [command]

Available Commands:
  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  config      Print current configuration
  docs        Generate docs
  export      Export configuration
  healthcheck Check if acp is alive
  help        Help about any command
  import      Import configuration
  jwks        JWKs operations
  load        generate load
  reference   Generate reference.yaml
  s3          aws s3 operations
  server      Server operations
  sql         SQL operations
  tenants     Tenants operations
  version     Display version

Global flags

      --client.rootCA.path string       path to the http client root ca
      --demo                            turn on demo app
      --dev                             turn on dev mode
  -h, --help                            help for authorization
      --integration.apis.enabled        enable integration apis
      --queue.disabled                  disable queue string                key identifier (default "default")
      --secret.key string               key value
      --server.cache.disabled           disable server cache
      --server.cert.path string         path to the http server certificate
      --server.key.path string          path to the http server private key
      --server.mtls string              client authentication policy (default "NoClientCert")
      --server.port int                 http server port (default 8443)
      --server.tls.disabled             disable tls
      --server.url string               http server url
      --sql.migrations.disable          disable migrations on startup
      --sql.migrations.down             migrate database down before up
      --sql.migrations.path string      path to the directory with migrations (default "./migrations")
      --sql.migrations.timeout string   timeout for migrations (default "60s")
      --sql.type string                 postgresql/cockroachdb
      --sql.url string                  postgresql database url
      --swagger                         turn on swagger ui

SQL command

SQL operations

  authorization sql [command]

Available Commands:
  configure   Configure SQL database
  migrate     Run sql migrations

SQL configure

Configure SQL database

  authorization sql configure [flags]

SQL migrate

Run sql migrations

  authorization sql migrate [flags]

      --config string       config files
      --consul-key string   read configuration from consul
      --vault-key string    read configuration from vault
Updated: Oct 13, 2023