Deployment and Operations

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Makefile Target Reference

Check makefile targets references used by Cloudentity on Kubernetes via GitOps.

Makefile Target Reference

This reference provides a description of each target available in the acp-on-k8s Makefile.

Core Targets

  • make all - Combines the steps of setting up the Cloudentity stack and waiting for readiness.
  • make prepare - Builds a Docker image containing the necessary tools for subsequent commands.
  • make setup - Initiates a Kubernetes cluster using Kind.
  • make deploy - Deploys Cloudentity’s stack using Flux to the Kubernetes cluster.
  • make deploy-check - Lists components that are not ready yet.
  • make wait - Waits until all relevant Kubernetes resources to become ready.
  • make run-lightweight-tests - Executes lightweight tests on the deployed resources.
  • make destroy - Deletes the created Kubernetes cluster.

Debugging Targets

  • make kustomization-build - Generates raw kustomization files. Required parameter: ${DIR}.
  • make kustomization-status - Watches kustomization status in real time.
  • make kustomization-check-failing - Checks for failing kustomizations.
  • make helm-check-failing - Checks for any failing Flux Helm releases.
  • make helm-status - Watches helm release status in real time.
  • make sources-check-failing - Checks for failing sources.
  • make sources-status - Watches source status in real time.
  • make debug - Retrieves resource statuses and fluxCD logs, useful for debugging.

To learn more about Flux resources like kustomizations or sources, check FluxCD Resources Overview.

Linting and Validation Targets

  • make lint - Combines all linting checks.
  • make prettier-lint - Checks for code style using Prettier.
  • make prettier-format - Reformats code style with Prettier.
  • make shellcheck-lint - Validates shell scripts.
  • make kustomization-lint - Validates kustomization configurations.

SOPS Targets

  • make decrypt - Decrypts a SOPS encoded file. Required parameter: ${FILE}.
  • make encrypt - Encrypts a file using SOPS. Required parameter: ${FILE}.

For detailed usage or if modifications are necessary, please inspect the Makefile directly.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023